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Alissa Nedossekina

Projects component to enhance and replace contribtool & com_contribute

Purpose: manage contribution, development workflow and versioning/archiving for various types of projects: a) tools; b) other hub resources, i.e. downloads, courses etc.; c) source code & libraries; d) data.

The idea is to blend and extend functionality of current Contribtool and Contribute components so that every content contribution and application development project share the same publication/versioning process as well as tools for content editing, access controls, archiving and usage monitoring.

Another important objective is to improve the current resource contribution process by guiding users through a series of questions to determine their specific project needs, rather than asking them to choose a contribution type up front. Depending on their choices during the simple 1-2-3 step project setup process, the component will determine the type of the resource to be created and any specific tools that need to be provisioned.

Problems com_projects addresses: – Need for subversion for non-tool resources expressed by a number of hubs – Need for version control and associated DOIs for each publication of any type – Integrate process for accepting editorial changes – Simplify resource contribution process, make it more intuitive – More management options for resource authors: ability to add and manage screenshots, describe credit information for each author, append/edit release notes for each version, etc.

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