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Gerhard Klimeck

teaching group - special incarnation of groups

Tanya Faltens is a teacher at Cal State Pomona. She created a group for her students and uses it to disseminate material such as assignments. The members of her group are students and herself.

She would like to get usage stats of her group members on the nanoHUB to get an idea of assessment of activities and involvement intensity.

A wish would be to create a “group” that can reveal to the “Managers” of the group the level of activities of group members.

This would be a significant asset to teachers. Maybe we can work in the acceptance of membership into the group allowing the group members to view the group member’s activities. Then we may be able to get around privacy issues.

I would also like to see such a thing just for my group page.

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Anything that advances the use of nanohub for instruction is crucial.

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  2. George B. Adams III

    Flexibility in reporting usage data contributes strongly to nanoHUB.org success.

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