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Wish List - Wish #242


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Gerhard Klimeck

Geometry Builder for rappture

For a variety of tools, including NEMO it would be really cool to have a geometry builder that would be immediately integrated into Rappture. This is related to a molecular builder that is also requested in another wish:

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  1. Baudilio Tejerina

    I’ve encountered the need for this kind of tool a few times now. For instance, I am working in the modeling of nanoparticles whose geometry happens to have regular geometries (i.e., spheres, ellipsoids, cylinders, prisms, etc.). The attached file is an example a cluster made out of 85 gold atoms in a spherical cluster. Out of the 85 atoms, 60 are on the surface of the particle. I think that having a tool that could build and simulate these sort of systems would be extremely useful for many.

    I hop right on it!

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