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Joseph M. Cychosz

Survey after ticket close

Prompt user to fill out a survey when a ticket is closed. Most businesses are now doing this. I rent a car and I get a survey emailed to me within minutes of the return.

This will be very useful metrics.

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  1. George B. Adams III

    Design this with Diane Beaudoin.

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    1. George B. Adams III

      In reply to my query to her, Diane Beaudoin writes:

      Hi George,

      Hope your meetings in DC are going well.

      My only concern with this is: Is there a possible issue with tickets that needs addressing that we are trying to discover? If there aren’t any issues that we know of and are pretty sure there really aren’t any issues, are we doing this just because everyone else gives a QA survey?

      I hate to do surveys just for the sake of doing a survey. Like Joe said, I get a survey from just about everyone now, my dentist, the credit union, websites I visit…. I get sick of surveys and I’m an assessment person. In my opinion, there are a lot more important surveys that I’d like us to be doing that we aren’t doing – things focused around our non-registered users…..


      Diane Beaudoin Director of Assessment, College of Eng’g MSEE 308H 501 Northwestern Avenue Purdue University West Lafayette, IN 47907
      (765) 494-9246

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  2. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I think they key to such surveys is shortness. 1 or 2 questions. Q1: How satisfied are you with the resolution of your ticket? 1-5
    Q2: How likely would you recommend nanohub to your colleagues? 1-5
    Additional comments

    The purpose of these surveys is to find out customer satisfaction. We have no metrics for customer satisfaction. I do answer these surveys, they do seem to make a difference. However my limit is 5 questions, ask more than 5 and I going to quit. The problem with how some of these surveys are implemented is that they start to try and profile the customer and get off track from the question of satisfaction.

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