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Joseph M. Cychosz

Rethink resource nomenclature

This wish/discussion is extracted from the learning module discussion.

Here is GBA’s original post: This wish is part of the larger issue that we have 11 named types of resources, including the catch-all “Publications”, and even we don’t know what they are.

We need to re-think the typing of resources and rename them so that the general population has a better understanding of what they are. For example, among current resource type names: tool — insider slang; an opaque or misleading term to most people (noted by Prof. Mihaela Vorvoreanu) online presentations — courses, series, and workshops often are comprised of online presentations notes — vague

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  1. Lynn Zentner

    I couldn’t agree more. The present resource nomenclature is confusing and unwieldy. It hampers a user’s ability to find things quickly and easily. The vague categories have resulted in a scattering of similar resource types showing up in a variety of categories. I would also propose that resource type not be defined by contributor – it may not be clear to them where their resource would best fit.

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  2. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I disagree that Publications is a catch-all. Actually “notes” is the catch-all typically filled with presentation slides that do not have an accompanying voice. Publications are papers that contributors have decided to post, or thesis. Contributors of notes often don’t understand that Online Presentations is a talk with voice and video and not your slides from a conference presentation.

    Series is problematic in that it is used for general grouping as well as Seminar Series. I would like to see some other grouping mechanism, It is often used to group teaching materials.

    I agree, no user defined resource types.

    We use to have further stratification of resource types. We use to have course lecture as a subtype of online presentation.

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  3. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I know note is vague, but its the type of resource we really don’t have an interest in for the most part. We would rather have narrated presentation. So I have no problem with notes being vague. We do have powerpoint only slides being submitted, but often these really are teaching materials (and classified as such) as they are designed to assist teaching as a content source.

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  4. martin garix

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