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Tanya Faltens

Share simulation settings and results with a group (students in a class)

Is it possible to share a simulation with a group (rather than typing in ids for each individual)?

What might be convenient for instructors is to set up parameters in a simulation a certain way, and even run a certain set of simulations, and leave the tool running (unless there is another way.) Then, in the “Share with” box, we could type in the name of the group that all of the students in the class have joined.

This way I could set up assignments and experiments for the students with my own starting point.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    This seems like a great suggestion – it comes from a person that really wants to try this in class. It would make use in classes much easier and have maybe impact on the use of sharing screens?

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  2. George B. Adams III

    This is a wonderful idea. In addition to sharing a session (sort of like making a phone call), it would be great to generate a specific URL that links to a saved page showing the result of a simulation (sort of like texting by comparison). Session sharing allows interaction within the framework of the session. Sharing results would allow time-shifting, read-only access.

    See http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/11/13/weekinreview/deficits-graphic.html?hp?src=ISMR_HP_LO_MST_FB which when you find a solution to the deficit provides you with a custom link, such as http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/11/13/weekinreview/deficits-graphic.html?choices=01f15bjj to let others come back to your solution any time. Cool.

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  3. Tanya Faltens

    What would it take to implement something like this? My students are starting to make their nanoHUB accouns now.

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