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Gerhard Klimeck

improve search

I tried the following things tonight where I searched for “Store” – gives some complete nonsense “Bandstructure Lab” finds mostly references to “Lab” “PN Junction Lab” finds things in abacus

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  1. Steven Snyder

    Thanks for the feedback. I fixed up some thing that seem to have improved the results for ‘bandstructure lab’ and ‘pn junction lab’.

    It’s not clear to me what the results of searching for ‘store’ should be, though.

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    1. Gerhard Klimeck

      the search for “Store” should return:

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      1. Steven Snyder

        The search has a hard time with structural queries. “Store” and “wish list” and the like don’t really correspond to content data.

        To that end I’ve created an interface to allow us to encode things like this as content. I added the store, wish lists, and events so that those things come up if people search for them directly rather than searching for a content item with them (ie, a specific piece of merchandise, wish list item, or event).

        For those site administrators, see the controls for the ‘YSearch’ component on the backend to add to and edit this site map if you feel there are other parts of the site that need this type of allowance.

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    2. Gerhard Klimeck

      Search for Bandstructure Lab still does not return the bandstructure lab tool with exactly the same name as a first instance in the search

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      1. Steven Snyder

        All the terms you’ve highlighted here seem to give good results now. I don’t remember what I did to fix bandstructure lab. Maybe search has become self-aware.

        One problem was that it’s titled “band structure lab” with a space, but the description (mostly?) refers to “bandstructure” sans space. Independent of the search issue it may be beneficial to normalize our terminology on the site.

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  2. Steven Snyder

    Decreasing the value of tags a bit helped a lot with the Bandstructure Lab results. ABACUS tended to get rated well for a lot of things because it is tagged with a bunch of terms that have long tag descriptions. Since those descriptions get searched too it gave ABACUS a much broader “surface area” of searchable text associated with it.

    I’m going to grant this, but I realize it’s subjective, so if there are still issues please let me know and we can reopen this or start new tickets/wishes.

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