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Nahil Sobh

Usage statistics for courses

It would be great to include “usage statistics” with courses and other other educational materials.

Currently, “usage statistics” is available for “tools” only.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    I believe we do that in general, but the rollup of the whole course usage is tricky. Here are examples of this.

    You would have to hover over the ranking to see these numbers. These usage numbers do occur as well in the contributor usage pages.

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    I would say that the usage numbers should be presented just in the same form as the tools. Where they are visible right along the reviews, citations, “Add to favorites”

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    1. Shawn Rice

      Done. But the data doesn’t link to a full view as tools do (e.g., /resources/###/usage). If we have that data and someone (Swaroop?) could point me to it and what to show, adding the view wouldn’t be terribly difficult at all. But, as said, I need to know where to find this information.

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  3. Nahil Sobh

    That would be fantastic.

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  4. Nahil Sobh

    Especially if the users locations are pinned on the world map.

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  5. Stephan Suckow

    I’d like the usage statistics for download ressources as well.

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