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Improve tool usage menu selections to avoid confusion between Overall and Monthly Stats

When I look at the statistics of Quantum Dot Lab (or any other tool), I get the numbers of the accumulated usage over the years, even though there is a fat drop-down list saying “Sept 2010”. When I select another month and click on “Go”, the accumulated usage is again displayed, not the usage in that month. That is misleading – most people, including me, will think that there actually were 2500 users per month, with the number of users *per month* gradually increasing. This is not the case. The need to select the “By Month” tab first may not be apparent to all users.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    The overall mechanism on how we report stats and generate graphs needs to change. So this is another indicator that something is not working just right. I suggest that we add this wish to the over all usage stats improvement tag.

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