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Baudilio Tejerina

Attach the SVN message to the body of the e-mail that nanoHUB sends as acknowledgment.

When a developer commits new code, it would be useful if the TEXT in the SVN command (-m “TEXT”) were attached to the e-mail we (the development team) receives acknowledging the action. At the moment, we received just a mere notification so nobody knows what has actually been done.

Regards, Baudilio

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  1. Steven Clark

    The SVN and e-mail operations are disjoint and do not necessarily correspond in a one-to-one manner. The SVN messages are easily located from the update notification e-mail with two clicks. The contribool link is provided in the e-mail and one additional click on Timeline will get you to the list of contributor comments.

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    I think this a very good idea still, to streamline this communication. Gerhard

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