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Swaroop S

Limit Poll votes by userID and not IP

The Polls module on nanoHUB records the IP address of the user who took the poll and limits one vote from that IP. Can we record the user’s username/uidNumber instead and limit the poll to one vote per user (instead of IP).

I understand most online polls limit votes based on IPs to prevent automated scripts from spoofing the poll. Since nanoHUB polls require you to login, this should not be an issue.

This will also solve the problem where multiple users coming from the same IP cannot take the polls.


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  1. George B. Adams III

    I think we may want to have both kinds of polls – those limited by IP address and those limited by User ID and those not limited at all. OK, three kinds of polls. There may be others.

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  2. Shawn Rice

    It should be noted that the code originally *did* restrict multi-votes by user ID. It was changed to IP to allow non-loggedin users to vote. nanoHUB does not restrict voting on xPolls to logged-in users. Anyone can vote on a poll by going to nanohub.org/xpoll

    There is a Joomla poll component/module but we’ve never used it.

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