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Joseph M. Cychosz

General comments on Links in Member Bio's

I am using Jerry Woodall’s bio as an example: http://nanohub.org/members/45455

In his bio, the GaAs, GaAlAs, GaAlAs/GaAs, etc. are links to something?? I get a meaningless list of users. Most of them named Unknown…. Even the named one’s make no sense.

I think this is what we want to see. I am assuming the purpose of these links is to find fellow colleagues interested in the same things.

I should see a set of users that meet the following criteria.

1. have this listed as an interest (i.e, nanoelectronics) 2. or have mentioned it their own bios 3. or have published a resource that either has a matching tag or makes mention in the title or descriptive text (abstract)

I think the ideal presentation would be that that we see when we do a search. That is the user’s name, and expandable summary of contributions. The ideal situation would be to see the summary only the resources that have a match with the “linked” name (e.i., GaAs, etc.)

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