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Joseph M. Cychosz

General comments on Links in Member Bio's

I am using Jerry Woodall’s bio as an example: http://nanohub.org/members/45455

In his bio, the GaAs, GaAlAs, GaAlAs/GaAs, etc. are links to something?? I get a meaningless list of users. Most of them named Unknown…. Even the named one’s make no sense.

I think this is what we want to see. I am assuming the purpose of these links is to find fellow colleagues interested in the same things.

I should see a set of users that meet the following criteria.

1. have this listed as an interest (i.e, nanoelectronics) 2. or have mentioned it their own bios 3. or have published a resource that either has a matching tag or makes mention in the title or descriptive text (abstract)

I think the ideal presentation would be that that we see when we do a search. That is the user’s name, and expandable summary of contributions. The ideal situation would be to see the summary only the resources that have a match with the “linked” name (e.i., GaAs, etc.)

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  1. Shawn Rice

    Bios are created in wiki markup and converted to HTML when viewed. The links you mention are auto-generated because the wiki parser interprets camel-case words as wiki pages and attempts to auto-link them.

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  2. Shawn Rice

    A really delayed follow-up: I changed the bios to do a partial wiki parse. Partial parse disables auto-linking of camel-case words and specific macros (certain macros should really only be used on actual wiki pages). Change is in the core and should be available after the next code push to the live site.

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