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Joseph M. Cychosz

News feed module for "in the news handling"

The intent of this wish is to create a system to replace the current systems used on nanohub which is a simple 1 page html document, and on NCN which is system type of system. The goal is to have a system which tracks news specificly. News can be a press release, news article, or featured article (internal or external). The module should facilitate the storage of documents for archival purposes.

The data to be saved.

type (press release, news article, feature article) title publication source date URL of article synopsis text (short description) detailed text (longer synopsis or full press release text) archive files private status (available only to admins, default) group news (i.e., NPT) tags

The above information should be presented in some manner when an article is selected. The presentation should include a list of the archive files based on “archive file private status.” The synopsis text should be presented in search results or in “in the news” listings.

We also have the case where an news article is covered by several publication sources. In this case we would want to show a list of other coverage. For example see:


In the above case, a press release was covered by several news outlets.

With the addition of groups such as npt, they would probably want to maintian their own “in the news” feeds. So the system should facilitate that.

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  1. Jennifer Crowell

    Please include me in discussions when this item rises on the list. Thanks!—Jennifer Crowell

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