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Michael Povolotskyi

New functionality for discussion group

Hello, I’m one of those who answer questions at the NEMO5 support group. There are two things that are missing (in my opinion) 1) A user may start a discussion in a wrong subgroup. There is no way to move it into a right one, there is only way to delete it. We need a possibility to move discussions from one group to another

2) When an e-mail with the new post arrives to me there is no way to find this post quickly in order to answer it. A link to the post in the e-mail would be very hepfull.

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  1. Shawn Rice

    1) Threads already can be moved to different categories. When in groups, either the original thread creator or the group manager(s) can move the thread. When in the site-wide forum, either the original thread creator or the site administrators can move the thread. See attached screenshot.

    2) Agreed. The link will be added.


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