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Gerhard Klimeck

publication quality graphs

Export good looking pdf, ps, and eps on standard line graphs.

Would translation into XMgrace or “visit” help?

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  1. George A. Howlett

    Fixed scaling issue. Added ability to control plotarea size. Added ability to download Encapulated PostScript (EPS). Fixed generated PDF by preprocessing EPS. Added box around plotarea.

    To do: Add Adobe Font Metric file parser to get PostScript widths. Use width tables to layout graph according to PostScript. Remove track kerning band aid.

    Fix padding issue for axes. The computed axis range is automatically padded out by 5%. I think this should be removed in the short term. It will be fixed by not clipping symbols in the future.

    Fix hiding elements so that it doesn’t change the axis autoscaling. This way the xyresult widget doesn’t have to do any munging of the axis limits.


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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    George has made quite some progress here. Maybe we can consider this a granted wish soon?

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