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Michael McLennan

Better explanation for "access denied" errors

I tried to launch kpnanofet the other night and got “access denied.” I didn’t expect this, so I filed a ticket (#256723) in case something was messed up. I think it would help to explain the access policy more clearly for all of our tools, so people can understand why access is restricted or denied. If the message had said, “This tool is restricted for use on campus at Purdue University,” I would have immediately understood the problem and used my VPN access. If it had said “This tool is restricted to Gerhard Klimeck’s Research Group,” I would have understood that too.

I understand that this information would empower some people to work around the system, but it also helps the greater majority of rule-following citizens understand the rules. I’d like to see a better explanation on the “access denied” pages, and perhaps more information on the tool page itself about how a tool is licensed.

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  1. Shawn Rice

    The code is in place and working. Some messages, such as Purdue only tools, will now have a little more explanation. We can always expound on the messages at a later date if need be.

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