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Jennifer Crowell

sidebar for events page

At the page:

Above the search and calendar, below the “Add an event” link:

Add a sidebar formatted like the one on the page, “Need an Answer?”.

Text for the sidebar:

heading Sponsoring an event?

text Members of are invited to add event information. Not a member? Register. It’s free! Use of resources and tools is free for registered users.

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  1. Lynn Zentner

    I think this is a nice addition to the events page that may draw people’s attention to the fact that they can add an event if they are a member. Jennifer and the comm team are readying an outreach campaign that will encourage nano event sponsors to post their events to nanoHUB, so it would be nice to get this box added quickly. I don’t think it would be too hard to do, so I hope that one of the web team could direct some attention at this soon.

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