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Jean Michel D Sellier

Create a bootable Demo CD about nanoHUB

It would be great, to me, if we could create a bootable Demo CD about the tools on nanoHUB. The CD could show the main tools and features of nanoHUB by simply clicking on icons. No need to put the sources on the CD if the license of the tool is closed, obviously. That could be a very good way to advertise nanoHUB all around the world, especially if we could update the CD at least once per year.

I hope this helps,


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  1. Michael McLennan

    I’m afraid that a CD would always be out of date. Instead, I’d rather make a client program that’s easy to install on Windows, Linux, Mac. The client program could be Rappture running on the destkop, accessing simulation services remotely. Or, it could be a daemon that accepts jobs in the background and shows you how many points you’re earning.

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    I agree that the CD will be out of date fast. But I wonder if this can be something that is updated automatically and posted as an ISO image? Also the reomte service idea posted by michale is important.

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