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Tanya Faltens

Share with a group

It would be great for teachers to have the option to “share a tool” with a group, instead of having to type out each student’s userID individually. This would be a great help for teachers who would like to demonstrate tools in the classroom.

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  1. Christopher Allen Smoak

    I am going to modify the sharing section to allow a user to add members from one of his/her groups.

    I will have a select dropdown of all the users groups. After selecting one of the groups it will pre-fill the box with all the members from that group.

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  2. Tanya Faltens

    This sounds wonderful! Thank you Chris!

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  3. Tanya Faltens

    Chris- It might be nice to be able to type in the group name instead of (or in addition to) pulling it from a drop down menu. I made a new group every quarter for my MTE 208 course, so the number of groups became quite large. Would such a long list make a drop down menu unwieldy?

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  4. Christopher Allen Smoak

    It is not possible to be able to type in groups and users in that field because of the way that autocompleter works. A drop down should be fine for 99% of users because they dont have more then a handful of groups. If your case it might be a little bit harder but still should be doable. At least you wont have to type in usernames one at a time, now you can add a whole group.

    I have added the functionality to the HUBzero core but it will take a while to propagate to nanoHUB.

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