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Tanya Faltens

Search Bar in the nanoHUB iPad app

I’d like to be able to search for all nanoHUB content from the iPad app, not just the items in the menu on the left of the page (Home, Tools, News, Profile, Help.)

I see that I can click on nanoHUB.org and search there, but why not in the app?

Also, I have to take a rather roundabout way to get to the nanoHUB-U courses from the app, unless I can catch it on the “slider” (Which I see now shows two of the courses, so it is a lot easier than it was last week.)

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  1. Christopher Allen Smoak

    I deleted wish #507 since it was a duplicate of this wish. Im not sure how it got created. Also I have moved this wish to the nanoHUB development group. I have added all wishes related to the app to a wiki page for keeping track of.

    As for the wish version 1 of the app was soley for tools, I just added the other sections in order to have a more feature rich app. I am planning on adding new features in future versions, including browsing the rest of content on the hub, courses, groups, etc.

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