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Kaspar Haume

Add Bibtex Formatted citations to all material

Maybe this is very simple for the user to do, but it would be nice to have the citation not just listed as

“ Author (year), “Name of material”, website “

but in fully formatted Bibtex layout, like when for example citations are taken from

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  1. Christopher Allen Smoak

    Kaspar Haume,

    Clicking on any of the citation title links will take you to a singe citation page listing all the pieces we have for that specific citation. Also on that page there are links to download the citation in EndNote and BibTex format.

    Here is an example page:

    Was this what you were looking for?

    —The nanoHUB Support Team

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  2. Kaspar Haume

    Yes I was looking for something exactly like that, but in my case, I am talking about the lecture series found here:

    which doesn’t seem to be on the page you linked.

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  3. Lynn Zentner


    nanoHUB resources are set up to be cited according to common formats for citing website content. The only thing missing that many citation formats include is an access date, which the user needs to enter themselves if desired. All resource citations can be downloaded into standard Bibtex and Endnote formats (see the links in the bottom of the “cite this work” box at the bottom of the resource page). What other information are you expecting to be provided that is not there?



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  4. Lynn Zentner

    Ah, only tools have the links for Bibtex and Endnote. Is that what you are asking for for other resources such as courses?

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    1. Kaspar Haume

      Yes exactly. In my case I am citing the course:

      As stated originally, it would be nice to have the citation not just listed as (in my case)

      Alejandro Strachan (2008), “MSE 597G An Introduction to Molecular Dynamics,”

      but as a bibtex entry.

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