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Geoffrey Coram

Fix subject line for messages about new wishlist items

I posted 3 new wishes, and I got notices in my inbox about them. I have a few comments:

a) why is “WISHLIST_NAME_RESOURCE_TOOL” in there? WISHLIST, New Wish for WISHLIST_NAME_RESOURCE_TOOL mde from Geoffrey Coram

Shouldn’t it just be WISHLIST, New Wish for ‘mde’ from Geoffrey Coram

b) can I disable notifications of my own wishes?

I wanted to see if I could see if anyone else had reported this, but the search box on the Wishlist page doesn’t seem to work, or else the string WISHLIST_NAME_RESOURCE_TOOL appears in the metadata or whatever gets searched, because it still listed all 295 wishes when I tried to search that term.

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  1. Michael McLennan

    The first part (about WISHLIST_NAME_RESOURCE_TOOL) is clearly a bug. It’s a missing phrase from the language file that handles internationalization, or something like that. I put in a ticket about that issue for you.

    The second part, about disabling notifications, is handled through your account settings. Click on“My Account” in the upper-right corner, then “Messages” on the left-hand side of your profile, and look for the “Settings” button in the upper-right above the messages (see screen shot). That brings up a panel with all sorts of settings about messages that you can receive from nanoHUB. If you have “email” checked, you’ll get email messages. If you have “inbox” checked, you’ll get a message in your inbox on nanoHUB (i.e., messages panel). If you have both set, you’ll get both.

    In this case, I don’t think the settings help. I think you’re seeing a notice about a wish that someone posted to the MDE project. If you turn that setting off, you won’t see wishes that other people post to the project. You could argue that the system shouldn’t send you notices about things you post yourself, but some people like that, since they can see the email that goes out for a wish, or file them in email, or whatever.

    We’ll fix the bug in the email text. You can fiddle with your message settings however you like, or just delete the emails that seem superfluous.

    This is how you find the message settings

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  2. Geoffrey Coram

    Indeed, since I am now a member of the MDE project, I get notices of wishes posted to the project — including my own. I would like a way to turn that off, without turning off notices of other people’s wishes.

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