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Geoffrey Coram

Fix subject line for messages about new wishlist items

I posted 3 new wishes, and I got notices in my inbox about them. I have a few comments:

a) why is “WISHLIST_NAME_RESOURCE_TOOL” in there? WISHLIST, New Wish for WISHLIST_NAME_RESOURCE_TOOL mde from Geoffrey Coram

Shouldn’t it just be WISHLIST, New Wish for ‘mde’ from Geoffrey Coram

b) can I disable notifications of my own wishes?

I wanted to see if I could see if anyone else had reported this, but the search box on the Wishlist page doesn’t seem to work, or else the string WISHLIST_NAME_RESOURCE_TOOL appears in the metadata or whatever gets searched, because it still listed all 295 wishes when I tried to search that term.

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