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Santiago Alonso Perez Rubiano

Custom boxes macro for wiki

Hi, I’m trying to customize the view of my wiki. For this I would like to have a set of boxes layed out horizontally that group content by topics. I’ve been able to do so by using the div macro like this:

Title 1
  • Content 1

* Content 1

Title 2

* Content 1 * Content 2

Title 3

* Content 1 * Content 2

However this is a cumbersome solution as I have to edit the css properties every time I want to vary any visual property and furthermore this is a rather confusing formatting “code” for other people trying to edit the wiki. I know that some wikis have a possibility to have user-defined macros, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case for nanohub’s wikis.

Is it possible to have user-defined macros or this specific macro (a set of three horizontal boxes) available for an easy usage. I’m thinking on something like:

[* Content 1 “,title2=“Title2”, content2=” * Content 2”)]

An example of this can be seen at https://nanohub.org/groups/klimeck/wiki/main2 . Please notice how the title is highlighted and separated from the content both visually and technically(in divs) and that the content sections can be scrolled in case of overflow.

Is this possible at all?

Thank you very much for your help.

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