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Samiran Ganguly

Create github like public code repository for collaborative software development and distribution

I’m planning to release a “software library” for spintronics that other groups can use, modify, and contribute back, in the same spirit as other open source software projects (say, linux or KDE).

There is no easy way of creating a public repository (say like github) to host the code. The svn repos on nanoHUB are associated with a tool developed for nanoHUB and will not fit the bill as no tool is intended to be released at the end. A “download” type resource, on the other hand, does not allow any kind of contribution back from the users.

Therefore, it will be great if nanoHUB allows a way to create public repos, similar to those hosted by www.github.com

A basic list of features: 1. VCS features – code versioning, branches, merges 2. Wiki to keep track of project goals, guidelines, revision notes etc. 3. Discussion board 4. Public access to code repo (we can require a nanoHUB login to track usage)

We can discuss other features that are suitable for a public repo if it this enhancement is doable.

Thanks, Samiran

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