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Wish List - Wish #61


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Joseph M. Cychosz

Need some manner to facility user correspondence in the ticketing system.

Problem now is that communication with users regarding a ticket is a bit one sided. Need way for user to reply to the ticket response and have the response become part of the dialog shown in the ticket. It is too easy to miss a user’s response because the response is could be buried with all the other support traffic.

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I think this works now. If someone replies to a ticket email, the reply appears in the ticket. Need samething for wishlists, etc. Anything that generates an email out.

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  2. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Also all correspondence email should have a link back to the item in reference. I am getting emails on wish list entries but have extreme difficulty get back to the listing because there is no text search for wish tickets. A direct URL in the body of the message would solve all of these problems.

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    1. George B. Adams III

      This linkage, generally across the site, is the key.

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  3. Sebastian Steiger

    When I’m posting a response through the webinterface, it works well in my experience.

    However, I first get notified by email. In the beginning I just replied in my e-mail client, and I don’t think the replies got hooked up with the system. Maybe one could look into inserting those email replies into the ticketing system as well?

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    1. Joseph M. Cychosz

      I think for tickets this works. Will test again later this afternoon. There is a hash string in the subject. It does not do this for wish list items which I found out a month or so a go when none of my responses appeared and thusly lost.

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      1. Lynn Zentner

        Replies directly to support emails do not automatically go on the ticket. If the user replies directly to the support email, someone on the support mailing list must manually copy and paste that info into the ticket. User must click the link in the email for their comments to go directly to the ticket. I have seen the hash string in the emails, but it does not seem to be working.

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