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Derrick Kearney

3 hop navigation for contributing new tools

Currently users need to visit four pages to register a new tool under contribtool, while all other resources only require the user to visit three pages.

The first page, http://nanohub.org/contribute, starts guiding the user through the process of contributing any resource to the hub. From here, users click the “Start a Contribution” link to get to the second page, http://nanohub.org/contribute/?task=start. The second page ask what kind of resource the user would like to contribute. If the user chooses any resource type beside “Tool”, they are taken to a form to collect specific information about the resource. If the user chooses “Tool” from the list of resources on the left side of the page, the user is taken to page three, http://nanohub.org/contribute/tools/register/, which lists all of the tools they have registered, and they have to navigate to the upper right side of the page to click the “New Tool” link which leads them to page four, the contribtool “new tool” link, https://nanohub.org/contribtool/create. When creating a new tool, page three is confusing because we have already established that the user wants to start a new contribution on page one, but we guide them to old contributions on page three. None of the other resource types show you the full list of other resources you have uploaded and make you navigate to a fourth page to get to the resource information form.

I propose we remove the third page, http://nanohub.org/contribute/tools/register/, from the process. We should have the second page, where the user chooses the type of resource, lead you directly to the current fourth page, where the user can start the contribtool process by filling out the “new tool” information form.

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  1. Michael McLennan

    Derrick is right about this, but I think it’s a bug—not an intended feature. The contribute/tools/register link used to take you directly to the tool registration form. Looks like there’s a routing error right now.

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  2. Alissa Nedossekina

    I agree it’s a bug. I believe it is fixed now. This wish should probably be withdrawn by the author.

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