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AbderRahman N Sobh

Add Ability to Change Intensity for Rappture Viewer


I would like to wish for the ability to set my own Intensity Scale within the Rappture Viewer and also a "reset to default Intensity Scale" button would go nicely along with this ability. The current implementation is just to have a default Intensity Scale using the largest/smallest values found in the data.



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  1. Jim Slopsema

    Per our call on 11/5, a description of the wish we discuss with Abby is:

    • To be able to set the top and bottom intensity number
    • Do this either by input boxes or sliders on the UI
    • The full spectrum of intensity coloring would then be spread across the new range.
    • This would NOT 
      • Affect the width, height, or length scale of the plot.
      • Provide an automated log scale option.  We determined this could be done by manipulating the data before plotting in the code.

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