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AbderRahman N Sobh

Add Data Scalability to Rappture viewer options


I would like to request a feature for the Rappture viewer where a parameter can be specified in order to scale all data points by a certain value or even apply a function like the log function to every data value.

Two example cases, 1 for each problem type:

1.) Given a data set, you want to also plot the log-scale of that data set. Currently, I just have to recalculate every data point before sending it to Rappture as a separate set of data from my initial set. This creates the need for a block of code on my end which could be streamlined by just having a parameter in tool.xml.

2.) Given a data set which you would like to normalize to a viewing scale. i.e. If your data was of a range 0.001 to 0.005, it may be easier to view everything by scaling the data x1000 and looking at data being displayed from 1 to 5 instead. Of course, the user would also have to make sure their axes reflect the correct units.



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