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AbderRahman N Sobh

Ability to Download/Upload Rappture Results


I was hoping to see a feature added to Rappture that would allow the results to be downloaded locally in two different ways:

1.) Download all files that are currently offered via Rappture's download menu for each menu item, but do all of them at once (i.e. a zip file). This would be all the text files and every type of image file so in the case of a 3D plot the user would receive both VTK file and Image file.

2.) More importantly, provide the Run.xml for download in some way. The goal of this option would be to be able to re-open this file via Rappture somehow, I will go into more detail below.


Regarding viewing Run.xml files (i.e. Uploading results):

Unfortunately, not all users have workspaces or know about being able to 'rerun' a Run.xml file which is currently the only option for doing so. It would be very helpful to have some sort of standalone tool to handle such requests. Since 'rerun' is already available, the actual function behind running such a tool is really just a one-liner. The main task would be in building an interface to allow users to see which usable results they have saved on their account as well as allow for a user to upload a result that might not still be stored on Nanohub. I've seen some of the work done with MD Showcase in terms of providing a local file viewer and I think the present task could be done by simply restricting the viewable files to those with format Run*.xml and placing the default search folder in $RESULTSDIR.

The main complication that may arise would be with having different types of Run.xml files displaying together in the same session. I imagine that the results menus would just concatenate anywhere where they differ and combine under the same label if they were the same (regardless if they were produced by the same tool even). There more than a few ways to solve such a problem which potentially would require more interface design, but I think that even having this issue would be acceptable so long as the rudimentary version of the tool simply existed for now.


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  1. Tanya Faltens

    I was going to submit a wish for the same thing!  I think that the ability to view results of previous runs would be very useful.  

    Maybe someone already has a good idea for how to do this.

    Could there be a limited "workspace lite" that everyone has access to, but that restricts whatever it is that is of concern?



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