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Jan Mischke

Add the Option to combine contour plots in rappture and plot other graphs on top of it



right now it is not possible to add graphs to a contourplot made with rappture (like in MATLAB easily done with a subplot or the 'hold on' command). I think it would be an essential feature to implement that option into rappture. If I want to plot a density or charge carriers (holes and electrons), I am not able to combine them in one graph, nor am I able to plot an extra graph on top of the contour plot (like a potential). So adding this option would be very user friendly because the output would make much more sense to user.

Right now the only option would be invoking a MATLAB script which creates the plot, save the plot as a .jpg or .png and upload it again to rappture, but that is very complicated and the output is not interactive (zoom, turn, values,...)


I hope that this option can be added. Thank you very much for you efforts

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