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Lynn Zentner

Handling Answered Questions

The nanoHUB question and answer forum gives the ability to "close" a question only to the question submitter because, in theory, the submitter is the primary judge as to whether the answer(s) they have received are satisfactory.  However, in practice, rarely does the initial submitter respond at all once an answer is provided.  Many developers and content owners would like to see some ability to either indicate a question has been answered at least once or for a HUB staff member or developer to close questions that have clearly been answered and have remained open with no subsequent comments for a period.

A couple of potential approaches:

1.  After a set period of inaction, the system can automatically close a question, sending a message to the submitter along the lines of "Thank you for submitting your question on nanoHUB.  There have been no further comments after an answer was posted, so we will assume you are happy with the answer and are closing the question.  If you would like to reopen the question, please click here to post a comment."

2.  Have the ability for support staff to manual close questions upon request and review

3.  Add a third category for questions:  currently we have open and closed.  We could add "answered" which is automatically tagged when a question receives an answer, but the question remains open as it does now until the submitter closes it.  An additional suggestion I have is that, instead of closed, we might change the final state to "answer accepted."

Finally, it has been noticed that on the main Q&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;A forum, there is the ability to filter on the list for open, closed, questions I have submitted etc.  This functionality is not on the resource pages for the questions related to a particular resource.  It would be nice to have it there as well.

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