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Michael McLennan

Link next to the disk storage bar saying "access your files..."

We might add a link near the storage bar on the “my HUB” page and active tool pages saying “access your files…” This would link to the knowledge article about webdav/sftp options, giving someone a handy pointer for how to access their old data.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    I was just at a review, where a person told me – I just wished I could get to my previously computed results. I told him – the next version of rappture will do this for you. But then I thought he can at least get to the raw data with webDAV, but he has no clue on how to do this. He did know about the data management button. So if we had a link next to the data management button that links to a web page and tells people about webDAV that would be great.

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  2. Michael McLennan

    Maybe change the “manage” link to something like “access” or “contents”. This would link to the page that we have now, but with help links about “How to use WebDav” and “How to use sftp”, etc. Also, have the current browser area expanded by default, and have better explanations about the various cleanup options (radiobuttons with expanded explanations for things like “minimally purge”).

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    1. George B. Adams III

      This is part of making the defaults of user interface better reveal to our users what the site capabilities are and better clarify how to use those capabilities. A new user should be able to discover as much of what nanoHUB has to offer as possible (1) before having to actually try the capability (because trying is time consuming) and (2) without every having to guess about the state of the site or supply “secret” information.

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  3. Sebastian Steiger

    Do you mean “your old simulations” by “your files”? In that case it would be very useful – I didn’t know that was possible and I don’t know where that data is saved. (I don’t know what webDAV is)

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