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Gerhard Klimeck

options for a primitive data viewer for old data

Is there a way to have a nanoHUB application that just looks at old data files and loads them in? Could there be a rappture tool that just looks at the user’s directory – and just lets them load in old data?

I know rappture 2.0 will do that. I wonder if there is an opportunity to have a data browser like this?

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  1. Michael McLennan

    This is a significant effort, so it should really be part of the Rappture 1.5 GUI development. Also, it would be a terrible user experience if the user had to open a separate tool just to load old data. They should be able to load their data into the tool at hand.

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  2. George A. Howlett

    Many of the parts are in place. For example, you can right now type

    rappture -load run*.xml

    and it will load previous results so that they can be viewed.

    What’s needed is

    1) a good way to choose run files. You really shouldn’t even know about run files.

    This will be a table widget that displays the differences between the runs. It’s not clear that this is sufficient. What happens when all there is one run file. What do you display?

    2) creation of thumbnail-like run files. I think we can in the near term create skeleton run files (without the output sections) to speed data browsing. They can be removed and regenerated.

    3) what locations do we search for run files? Right now, it’s the user’s data/results directories.

    4) The integration of this seamlessly into the GUI.


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  3. Gerhard Klimeck

    We should discuss the ETA of Rappture 1.5
    We should probably have a discussion on Rappture 1.5 in a topic page and refer users to the data load issue and give the a preview of what is coming?

    Maybe have bad, but functional tool that explores one’s own data?

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