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Michael McLennan

Fix usage statistics

Usage statistics should be available in near real time, be reliable, and be able to be presented widely throughout the site. Quarterly reports should automatically be ready the day after the quarter ends. They could also be linked to a notification system so that a contributor might get a notification when they have reached a usage milestone.

For: attract/keep contributors, attract/keep users

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  1. Mark Lundstrom

    Faculty use these statistics when writing proposals or progress reports. We have also seen that sponsors are extremely impressed by the numbers. We’re going to be asking faculty to contribute to supporting the nanoHUB soon, so our priority should be to give them what they need.

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    we need an analysis how people arrive at the HUB, what questions they ask, and if these are indeed the pages we want them to find.

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  3. Gerhard Klimeck

    We need charts for “and more” usage for each of the contributors – not only the tool contributors.

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  4. George B. Adams III

    We will find valuable ways to use statistical information throughout So the solution developed should support links from anywhere in the site to any statistical datum.

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  5. Nahil Sobh

    It would also great to get the usage statistics for courses, tutorials, and seminars in addition to simulation tools. In particular it would extremely useful to know users’ location. This will allow our faculty and contributers to see who is using their material and where are they coming from. Leading to potential collaborations and synergy.

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  6. Swaroop S

    Fix current ranking algorithm. Current system does not compute ranking for top level resources such as seminars, series etc correctly.

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  7. Swaroop S

    Marking this wish as closed and opening up separate wishes for each action item

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