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Michael McLennan

Ability to easily comment on simulation tools and all other items

Users can add comments now, but it’s not easy to find and they have to log in. We should have something more like the NY Times, where anybody can comment, but maybe a captcha is required to avoid spam. A few existing comments should be at the bottom of each page, and option to add a comment should be right there—just like reading an article online.

For: attract/engage users

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    I think this is great – I would like to see the ability to post results publicly etc

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  2. Michael McLennan

    People may accidentally post questions as comments. We should give them options when posting comments to label their comment as an ordinary comment, as a question, maybe even as a support ticket or wish.

    Also, it might be okay to let someone log in with their Google account, Facebook, etc., just for the purpose of posting the comment. This would take the place of a captcha but wouldn’t make them create a nanoHUB account.

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  3. Alissa Nedossekina

    Facebook has a CommentsBox widget. Here is a demo: https://dev.nanohub.org/facebook. You’d post comments with a FB account. Admins can manage white/black lists, get notifications and delete. The widget is not bad, but sometimes a little wonky, and I could never get it to accept anonymous comments. You would need to use FB. We could still try this in a few places.

    Facebook CommentBox

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