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Wish List - Tool "bandstrlab": Wish #31


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Gerhard Klimeck

UTB improvements

-need a display of the dispersion in 2D UTBs in the new unidirect visualization -need to extract the masses from the few lowest bands in the dispersion and find some critical minima in the dispersion. Then plot those minimum energies and masses as scatter plots on a diagram. Then a user can change the geometry or strain or gating and see how the minima or the masses vary as multiple simulations emerge.

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  1. Abhijeet Paul

    Dispersion is already plotted using the unirect2D plotting system, Also the band masses at high symmetry points are provided for the first 3 subbands in UTB for both CB and VB. Scatter plot is not done yet.

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    1. Gerhard Klimeck

      Can the scatter plots be done with the help of an undergrad in the summer?

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  2. Abhijeet Paul

    masses are presently provided in text format.

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  3. Samik Mukherjee

    Effective masses are made available in text format. Critical minima/maxima are also located.

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  4. Samik Mukherjee

    I am unable to change the status of this to granted because it says that it can only be done by the person who was assigned this.

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