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Wish List - Tool "bandstrlab": Wish #42


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Ron Reifenberger

include the DOS from the E(k) curves for a 1D Kronig Penny model

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    I am not totally sure that I understand the wish fully. Do you mean : 1) include the kronig penney model, so we can compare against the other bands in bandstructure lab? 2) compute a DOS in the bandstructure lab, so it can be exported to compare against kroenig Penney – right now the Korenig Penney model does not have a dos

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    1. Abhijeet Paul

      Periodic potential lab has 1D dos plot now.

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  2. Abhijeet Paul

    As already commented I think the work here is two folded since it will involve showing DOS plot in bandstructure lab as well as periodic potential lab.

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