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Wish List - Tool "ABINIT": Wish #353


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sergey yu shishkov

Wish to see more examples of ABINIT for spin nsppol=2

Is there any example in abinit with spin for molecules or crystalls? I could not find it among the examples.

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  1. Benjamin P Haley

    Hi, We don’t plan to add any new examples to the abinit tool or the user guide, but the source distribution has several examples with spin polarization 2. See the t15, t21, t22, t23, t24, t25, tspin_1, tspin_3, udet1, and udet2 input files. These can be uploded and run as-is in the abinit tool. See for some restrictions on the format of

    the input file.

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  2. sergey yu shishkov

    Benjamin P Haley! Thank you for this answer but unfortunately the mentioned ticket is not available for me:I have recieved only the next text:“Sorry, you are not authorized to view this ticket.

    You may not be able to visit this page because of: This page may belong to a group with restricted access. Only members of the group can view the contents. An error has occurred while processing your request.

    If difficulties persist and you feel that you should have access to the page, please file a trouble report by clicking on the Help! option on the menu above.”

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    1. Benjamin P Haley

      Hi Sergey, I added a section to the main abinit tool page ( with some guidelines for uploaded input files. Please see “Guidelines for uploaded input files”.

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