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Wish List - Tool "oof2": Wish #148


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Denis O Torres

Running python scripts

We should be able to run python scripts in OOF2. This will permit us to run parametric studies and to develop NanoHUB tools that use OOF2 as a FEM library.

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  1. R. Edwin Garcí­a

    I agree. This is an important shortcoming to the web-version of OOF2, and certainly limit the possibilities of what can be done with this code.

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  2. Benjamin P Haley

    This is most likely a security issue. Allowing arbitrary Python scripts to execute inside a nanoHUB tool which is visible to the whole world would be potentially dangerous. Is it possible to develop a standalone Python program which uses the OOF library? Such a script could safely power a nanoHUB tool.

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  3. Steven Clark

    I would expect that it is possible to blend in the safety technology used for the vkmllive tool with OOF2. I don’t know if this should be done at nanoHUB or NIST. There is already a nanoHUB build option the removes the python console from use.

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    1. Benjamin P Haley

      I think this would be the best option. If the safety module can be built in to OOF, users could run Python scripts within OOF, to prototype code which might later be deployed as a standalone tool, using OOF as a library.

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  4. Denis O Torres

    Is it possible to install a full version of OOF2 for usage only within the NanoHUB workspace? It would help us develop python code that actually works in OOF2. This could also work as an intermediate step before putting together standalone python code. I must admit that I have no experience with standalone python codes and this is why having the script function active in OOF2 would make my work easier.

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