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Wish List - Tool "crystal_viewer": Wish #6


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In addition to the unit cells, can you also show larger chunks of the crystal with exposed high symmetry planes

The tool could be dramatically improved if one could be able to see different crystal planes and the exposed bonds on the various surfaces, like a Si 100, 110 aand 111 surface.

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  1. Abhijeet Paul

    We have started working on this and hopefully by the end of this summer we should have this feature. Thanks for this suggestion.

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    I had seen reasonable prototypes, but nothing much happened yet in the real code. – we need to have a much better display of the open surfaces. I would like to see chunks of the material where a a particular surface is exposed by cutting away atoms. The view should be immediately adjusted to see that surface. The atoms on the surface should be colored differently. unconnected bonds should come out of the surface – possibly half-way to the now-gone partner.

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  3. Abhijeet Paul

    Recent changes have been made to the tool which now provides miller planes in a better way as well as larger material crystal systems are shown in a better way with cut planes and proper atomic visualization

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