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Wish List - Tool "kronig_penney": Wish #23


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Gerhard Klimeck

verify results against the piece-wise constant potential lab

– verify that it gives the same results as the pcpbt lab – mening in pcpbt one can have say 30 barriers and gets a dispersion. I tried to run a 0.4eV tall barrier that is 20Ang wide and a well of 60ang. This did not compare very well to the pcpbt. This needs to be checked and brought together towards the same result as pcpbt

Make a presentation / animation that compares the results of the two tools.

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  1. Abhijeet Paul

    The validation has been done and soon the result will be uploaded on nanohub as a teaching resource.

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  2. Abhijeet Paul

    This wish is granted and please this document at this page for a detailed explanation of the results. url of the resource:

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