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Wish List - Tool "qdot": Wish #270


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Gerhard Klimeck

Enable simulation of artificial Molecules - Stacked quantum dots

For instructional purposes it would be very interesting to be able to simulate stacked quantum dots even in the simple effective mass model. Issues such as bonding-anti-bonding states and even band formation can be studied. I believe some prototype screen shots exist in the prototype advanced-quantum dot lab, that is not published.

Ideally one should be able to select the buffer material and the material composition of the quantum dots. Also the assuming we look at a vertical quantum dot stack it would be nice to be able to simulate multiple quantum dots and various sizes.

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  1. SungGeun Kim

    I believe this wish can be fullfilled in the future because NEMO5 can do it. I confirmed it with one of a main developer.

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    1. fazlul huq badhon

      Dear Xufeng Wang, will you please help me by giving me the Dr. Markus Gleockler’s PhD thesis? I am badly in need of it, if I will get absorption coefficient files there. Thanking you.

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  2. SungGeun Kim

    Thank you for this wish. The developers are working together to fullfill this wish.

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