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Gerhard Klimeck

Present the eigen energy spectum of a quantum dot as a function of occurance

One can show analytically that the eigen-energy spectrum of a cubic quantum dot can be represented by a discretized parabola, where the k-points are no longer continuous but discrete. For the discretized Schroedinger equation the dispersion is really a cosine, and it would be good to be able to characterize that underlying material dispersion.

I would like to see the following 2 plots added to qdot: 1) plot the eigen-energies as a function of occurrance of eigen energies. If a state is degenerate for example tri-fold, then there should be 3 dots horizontally aligned, identifying the three states. 2) if there are degenerate eigen states, (numerically speaking identical to within a certain tolerance), they should be collapsed into one dot, say of different color, and then plotted as a function of occurrance. This should give a simple parabola (lower end of a cosine dispersion) which will be very educational as well.

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  1. Prasad Sarangapani

    That's a good suggestion. Will try adding it to the new version. So you want something like Energy on y axis and number of occurances on the x axis ? 

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