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Wish List - Tool "1dhetero": Wish #343


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John Watson

Al mole fraction control

This tool could be made a lot more useful if the Al mole fraction ‘x’ could be controlled since that is one of the main ways in actual GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure growth of controlling the electron/hole density. Also, there is a cross-over in mole fraction between a direct and indirect band gap with a corresponding change in the electron effective mass which of course affects real devices a great deal.

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  1. Jean Michel D Sellier

    Thanks for the very good suggestion! As the author of the GUI, I will think carefully about that and see how to implement this new interesting feature. Thanks again!

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  2. miss rain xiu

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  3. Steve Herbert Simon

    I agree with the prior comment. Really need AlGaAs Aluminum fraction! (is this now possible?)

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