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Gerhard Klimeck

large composite output - 6 charts

Please create another composite plot that consists of the following panels – the arrangement should be where the panels are numbered 1….6

1 2 3 4 5 6

1) band edge diagram with resonances – on the full length and and energy scale 2) transmission, current density, normalized current 3) trace of the resonance energies as a function of bias – use the nice plot you have now, but place a single big dot on the bias point on the central resonances – so for each central resonance 4) spatial charge density on a log scale – including the doping profile 5) sheet charge as a function of bias, please put a single dot on top of the central RTD charge, not the emitter charge 6) current voltage characteristic – again with a single dot on the curve for a particular bias point.

Please make sure that the curves align vertically as well as horizontally

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