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Gerhard Klimeck

please reorder the outputs

Now to the ordering of the outputs in the output list: 1) I will add one more wish to the wishlist that should be added: The existing plot number 2 with Cond.band+Trnamission+currentdensity should be getting more plot to the right: the full current-voltage curve 2) the new 6 panel figure – labeled as: “bands & transmission & resonances & charge & I-V” 3) the existing plot number 2 of a composite of bands and transmission – should be labeled “Bands+Transmission+CurrentDensity“ 4) Current Voltage Characteristic 5) Conduction band 6) Transmission Coefficient 7) “CurrentDensity & NormalizedCumulativeCurrentDensity“ (please note that the graph label on the x axis should be Current Density and NOT Normalized Current – please note the slight change of the label name 8) existing plot “Normalized Current and Transmission Coefficient” should be relabeled: “Transmission & Normalized Current Density & Normalized Cumulative Current Density” Please note that the bottom x axis should be relabeled as “Transmission Coefficient & normalized Current Density” The top axis should be relabeled as “Normalized Cumulative Current Density” 9) Charge Densities 10) Electron Density X) comment out the doping density X) comment out the Electron Density 11) Sheet Density X) comment out the effective mass profile – please note the additional panel summarizing the material properties below 12) Resonance Energy Vs. Voltage – drop the word solid 13) Resonance Energy & Width vs. Voltage – please note that you should distinguish the widths by dark green and light green for central and emitter resonances 14) Material and Structural Data Plese move the materials data to its own window called “Material and Structural Data” Please subtract the bandedge in the emitter from the numbers, so one can read off the band edge offset. 15) Output Log

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    The wavefunctions should be inserted into the list above as number 12 after the sheet density and before the resonance energy plot They should also be relabeled as “Wavefunction Magnitude Squared”

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  2. Jean Michel D Sellier

    This whish is now implemented and will be deployed with next version of RTDNEGF (the current version is 1.3.0).


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