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NEVOU Laurent

add effective mass parameter and the height of the barrier

It s a very nice program but will be more usefull if we can work with other material like InGaAs/AlInAs on InP and other III/V materials. It s should be not too much difficult to add the possibility to set the effective mass of etch material layer and to increase the mole fraction as much as we want to be not stop at 0.4eV

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    the problem is really not as simple as it sounds. The key elements are that a single band model in its standard form cannot model these very non-parabolic materials. Please see for example the following publication: R. Chris Bowen, Gerhard Klimeck, Roger Lake, William R. Frensley, Ted Moise, “Quantitative Simulation of A Resonant Tunneling Diode” J. of Appl. Phys. 81, 3207 (1997);doi : 10.1063/1.364151

    on the nanoHUB you can find a compact lecture that explains the issues in some detail: https://nanohub.org/resources/381
    I sequence of lectures in more detail can be found here: https://nanohub.org/resources/8086

    Nevertheless we are in the progress of developing NEMO5, which hopefully soon will enable us to do these full band simulations and deliver them on the nanoHUB.

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