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New plot for resonance width

I would like to request a feature which is trivial to be inserted. When the resonance finder is turned on and the resonance energy is pltted as a function of bias, I would also like to see a plot of the resonance width as a function of bias. This should probably be a new graph/ plot and should contain the resonance energy as well as the resonance width. The resonance width should probably be on a log scale, as it can be very different for different resonaces. Maybe the resonance nergy can be plotted as a dashed line (on a linear scale) and the corresponding width in the same color in a solid line (on a log scale)

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  1. Jean Michel D Sellier

    The requested plots have been implemented in version 1.2.0 of this tool. As default, now, you have two plots in solid lines and colors showing the resonance energies and widths. The resonance energies are in red when they are located in the center of the barriers. They are orange elsewhere. Same thing happens with widths. They are green if they are in the center and light green elsewhere.

    Furthermore, if one goes to the “advanced” tab he/she can select to have a scatter plot (in case the solid lines are not enough to understand the behaviour of the resonances).

    Finally, the resonance energies are in linear scale while the widths are in log scale.

    I hope this is what you needed.

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